Welcome to my new website. We are just a few weeks old.

I hope you find some useful resources and tips to help your business.

In the meantime, I answer the question:


My name is Angela Hobbs, I’m a misplaced Brit currently living in the states, and an ex entertainer. I was a traveling performer both in Europe and in the states for a couple of decades, and was in the music and entertainment business for over 40 years. I lived in LA until 1990, when family circumstance brought me to the other side of the country. I now reside in Richmond, Virginia, and have for the last 3 decades (yes I am that old). My mother was an actress, and a dress designer for Moda and Lillie Rubin, and I also picked up some of that love of design, as I had a manufactured line of clothing in LA in the 80’s, and now I use my art to design on POD.


Around 1995, I got on my first computer, and started out using it for my industry, to create promo, build flyers, and write many articles on the music business, which were published in a variety of articles online, and in physical papers. In 1995, I also started designing and building my first websites. I continued to work here in the music and entertainment field, booking bands, and shows, promoting events, helping musicians, and generally working in my area of expertise, then in 2000 I began to become interested in a different kind of promotion, and online marketing. I got involved with affiliate programs, started marketing my own products, and began writing articles on creating a living or making money on the internet. I made quite a bit too…. but as they say, once an artist, always an artist, it’s in the blood.


Somewhere around 2012, I began backtracking my profession. I decided I had gotton a little too old and not so healthy anymore, to be dancing around a stage, or running around managing clubs and bands, so I turned to graphic arts (I had won a scholarship for art in my teens, but ran off to be a rock star) I have been creating art, and graphics for other designers, and businesses to use commercially, but the honest truth is the art atmosphere I was swimming in, was not my cup of tea. So at the end of 2019, I decided it was time to go back a little ways to some of my more recent roots, being marketing and the business of information resale. Only thing was, I did not want to abandon my art or graphics, so I began to incorporate my work into planners, journals, and kits for those who like to print and create hybrid cards, journals, and other products they can sell as their own.


I run several niche blogs and websites, shops, and a full fledged forum where anyone can join, promote their products and make new connections. I welcome anyone there who would like to teach or share their experience and expertise. There is always room for learning!