Vive La France!

SiteGround service now available in French

From the service:

We believe that customizing our services for the local markets is key to an accessible, convenient and high-quality experience for our customers. We have already done this for our Spanish, Italian and German-speaking clients and we’re now proud to say that we have just added French to the list of languages we provide service in.

In the past few years the support and love we have received from our French clients and partners has been overwhelming. We’ve always wanted to do more for them and just recently we have expanded our datacenter and CDN network with a new location in Paris, France to improve loading speed and user experience for local businesses and individuals. The logical next step was to offer service in French and what better time to do that than the week of Bastille Day – the French national holiday!

Apart from the local site now available to all French visitors, SiteGround customers can now switch their language and start using their Client Area, Site Tools, knowledge base and tutorials, blog and support communication in French.

Switch your language to French

You can now easily change your current language preferences for your SiteGround service to French. Just go to the Profile page in your Client Area  and select French in the Language dropdown. Once you have done this, your Client Area and Site Tools interfaces will appear in French.

The change will also affect the rest of your SiteGround content – all tutorials, knowledge base articles, blog posts and support communication will now be in French. Changing back or switching to another language is just as easy.

For more complex technical issues, you’ll be able to post support questions on chat and/or ticket in your preferred language and receive replies from our representatives in French as well. Please note that for all service languages except English, support communication may be aided by custom implementation of Google translate.

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